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Long Range Transportation Plan

The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) serves as a blueprint that details how the existing transportation system works and how local residents would like it to work in the future. In addition, it considers the protection of the value of investments already made in developing the transportation system, while providing resources to pursue innovative solutions to mobility constraints and enhancing travel choices available.

The plan includes both long-range and short-range program strategies/actions that lead to the development of an integrated intermodal transportation system that facilitates the efficient movement of people and goods. The plan has several elements:

  1. Identify policies, strategies, and projects over 20 years;
  2. Focus at a multi-modal level, including roadways, transit, non-motorized transportation, and inter-modal connections;
  3. Articulate regional land use, development, housing, and employment goals and plans; and
  4. Estimate costs and identify reasonably available financial sources for operation, maintenance, and capital investments.

The LRTP guides the Columbus-Phenix City Metropolitan Area's transportation development over a 25-year period. Updated every five years, the plan takes into consideration existing conditions, local needs, and anticipated growth in the region. The plan encompasses, the Columbus and Fort Benning area in Georgia and Phenix City, Russell County and Lee County in Alabama.

LRTP Financial Documentation

The purpose of the financial plan is to demonstrate fiscal constraint for all funded projects. This ensures that the transportation plan reflects realistic assumptions about future revenues compared to project costs for all projects funding in the plan. Metropolitan planning regulations require that a metropolitan long range transportation plan contain a funding strategy that demonstrates how it can be implemented, indicates resources from public and private sources that are reasonably expected to be available to carry out the plan, and recommends any additional financing strategies for identified projects and programs. ..view Financial Plan


A downloadable version of the Long Range Transportation Plan, as adopted by the Policy Coordinating Committee on December 18, 2009, is below.

There are two different options for downloading the Transportation Plan.

  1. Download the entire Long Range Transportation Plan in one PDF file. Due to the large file size, the document may take several minutes to download even with a good internet connection.
  2. Download only a portion of the document at a time. All of the chapters of the Transportation Plan have been separated into sections, resulting in a smaller file size which will download faster.

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to open many of the files on this page and throughout this website. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download Adobe Reader now.

Long Range Transportation Plan
12 Megabytes (MB)
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Table of Contents
Download LRTP Table of Contents Button
Chapter 1
Download LRTP: Chapter 1 Button
Chapter 2
Goals & Objectives
Download LRTP: Chapter 2 Button
Chapter 3
Download LRTP: Chapter 3 Button
Chapter 4
Land Use
Download LRTP: Chapter 4 Button
Chapter 5
Transportation Needs
Download LRTP: Chapter 5 Button
Chapter 6
Project Considerations
Download LRTP: Chapter 6 Button
Chapter 7
Plan Recommendations
Download LRTP: Chapter 7 Button
Chapter 8
Air Quality
Download LRTP: Chapter 8 Button
Appendix A
Public Involvement
Download LRTP: Appendix A Button
Appendix B
Traffic Model Development
Download LRTP: Appendix B
Appendix C
Methods & Assumptions
Download LRTP: Appendix C Button
Resolution Nov.17, 2015
Include PC resurfacing US431-US80
Download Amendment
Amendment Mar.25, 2016
Includes several projects in Columbus
Download Amendment
Amendment May 25, 2016
Resolution to include the Financial Plan (Appendix D)
Download Amendment
Amendment July 19, 2016
Resolution to include the proposed transit projects
Download Amendment

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