Bid Opportunities
Columbus Consolidated Government utilizes the Georgia Procurement Registry as a means of distributing notices of bidding opportunites to prospective vendors.  Suppliers interested in receiving email notification for bidding opportunies listed on this site should register as a supplier with the Georgia Department of Administrative Services.  Use the below link to register:  
    Georgia Department of Administrative Services
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RFB No. 17-0034 Backhoe Loader Rental (Annual Contract) March 10, 2017 (no later than 2:30 PM)
 Buyer: Heather Scheuttig
Addendum No. 1
RFP No. 17-0015 Personal Property and Residential Mail/Processing for the Tax Assessors Office (Annual Contract) March 3, 2017 (no later than 5:00PM)
 Buyer: Kevin Robertson
Addendum No. 1
RFP No. 17-0016 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update March 10, 2017 (no later than 5:00 PM)
Buyer:  Della Lewis
RFP No. 17-0017 Management Services for Juvenile Justice Incentive Grant (Annual Contract) March 17, 2017 (no later than 5:00 PM)
Buyer:  Della Lewis
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