Department  of  Engineering

Traffic Engineers

Columbus Annex Center
420  10th Street 2nd Floor
Columbus, Georgia  31901

  • Provide design services for roadway improvements, roadway projects, pavement markings, traffic signs, traffic signals and roadway lighting
  • Install and maintain pavement markings along City streets and properties
  • Install and maintain traffic signs along City streets and state routes
  • Provide roadway lighting to City streets by administering this program with local utility companies
  • Administer the City's Access and Encroachment System for work done on public roadway right-of-ways
  • Analyze all traffic accident reports to identify high accident locations, accident trends to improve traffic safety along public streets
  • Investigate and recommend traffic ordinances to City Council for the purpose of regulating traffic operations along public streets safely
  • Investigate traffic and safety inquiries from the public recommending corrective action at locations warranting improvements
  • Manage and repair all of the City's Radio Communication Systems and Components


  • Identify operational problems and prepare geometric designs to improve traffic operations, capacity and safety or roadway intersections and segments. 
  • Provide and review proper geometric designs provided by the Engineering Department staff and consultants working for the department based on state and national design standards.
  • Provide design review within a two-week time period for streets constructed by private contractors and intended to be deeded as public streets.
  • Investigate Access/Encroachment permit applications issuing an approval/denial within a two-week period.
  • Investigate and monitor work on public streets and right-of-ways by utility companies and licensed contractors for conformance to the federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).