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The maps below show the layout for Muscogee County voting precincts, U.S. Congressional districts, Columbus Council districts and Muscogee County Board of Education districts. All maps have been created and provided by the Columbus Consolidated Government's Department of Engineering: Geographic Information Systems Division.

This page also has instructions for viewing the district maps, in Adobe Reader, and map pricing information.

List of Maps

To determine your polling place and which voting districts apply to you, locate your Muscogee County Precinct Card (mailed to you after you registered to vote) and look at the Polling Place information. If you cannot locate your Precinct Card, visit the State of Georgia's Poll Locator web page and fill in the required information.

Voting Precincts
U.S. Congressional Districts
Georgia House Districts
Georgia Senate Districts
Columbus Council Districts (At Large District)
- Columbus Council District 1
- Columbus Council District 2
- Columbus Council District 3
- Columbus Council District 4
- Columbus Council District 5
- Columbus Council District 6
- Columbus Council District 7
- Columbus Council District 8
Muscogee County School Districts
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Map Viewing Instructions

All district maps are in PDF file format, for quicker loading and ease of use. To view the maps you will need to have a PDF reader installed on your computer (download Adobe Reader for free).


  1. Click on a district map link. View a screenshot of an opened Map.
  2. With the map still open, locate the Reader toolbar towards the top of the screen.
    Adobe Toolbar
    Enlarge toolbar
  3. Below is a simple icon guide for the toolbar:
    • Print - click to print out a scaled map.
    • Pointer Tool - allows you to select an object on the map.
    • Hand/Pan Tool - used to pan through the map. Select the tool then click and hold down the left mouse button. Now drag the mouse. Release mouse button once you have finished panning or you cannot pan any further.
    • Manual Zoom Tool - Select this tool, then click and drag the box around the area you want, for a closer look.
    • Increment Zoom Buttons/Options - To zoom in incrementally, press the plus (+) button, or to zoom out incrementally, press the minus (-) button. If you wish to view the map at a certain scale type the amount into the textbox provided, then press the Enter key. You may also select a scale from the zoom drop down list (click on the down arrow next to the textbox).
  4. All maps open in a separate browser window. Once finished viewing the map, close the browser window.

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Map Pricing

The Geographic Information Systems Division of the Department of Engineering provides all maps to the Elections & Registration Office. Please visit the Geographic Information Systems web page for map pricing.
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Citizens Service Center

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3111 Citizens Way
Columbus, Georgia 31907

Phone: (706) 653-4392
Fax: (706) 225-4394

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