Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is a Brownfield? 

The term `brownfield site' means real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. 

2.  What is an Enterprise Zone? 

An Enterprise Zone (EZ) is an area identified for redevelopment where a tax incentive program is offered to stimulate business development and employment growth.  The objective is to reduce the cost of doing business by offering a number of tax credits to companies/businesses who are located in or are willing to locate in the targeted area.  

3.  What is an Environmental Site Assessment?

Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I and Phase II) are used to assist in assessing potential environmental contamination associated with real property acquisition and ownership.

Information obtained through environmental site assessments can greatly impact the economics of a property transaction, affecting the owner, buyer, seller and lender.

4.  What properties are being considered for redevelopment? 

Four parcels have been targeted for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. Pending the outcome of  the Phase I assessments, they may be evaluated further for potential redevelopment. 

5.  Who will decide which properties are redeveloped? 

After reviewing environmental and land use data and input from citizens and business leaders in the EZ, the City will determine which properties are suitable for redevelopment. 

6.  Will the citizens have a chance to make comments about the project? 

Citizens and business leaders will be given an opportunity to comment in several ways: public meetings, through the Brownfields Advisory Committee, comment forms that will be distributed at public meetings, and the web site. 

7.  Will I have to move from my home? 

At this time, the properties targeted for redevelopment are vacant non-residential  properties. 

8.  Will I have to relocate my business? 

At this time, we do not anticipate relocating businesses from current locations. However, within the next few years, recommendations for redevelopment of current commercial areas could result in economic and land use changes that would encourage businesses to move. 

9.  How will this redevelopment help me? 

This redevelopment is being undertaken to create developments within the EZ that will provide opportunities for small business growth, employment, enhanced property values, and a safe and healthy environment for those who work and live in the area. 

10. Who will pay for this project will my taxes be raised? 

The City has received federal grant money to undertake this study. Once specific areas are selected for redevelopment, the City will work with businesses, developers and financing institutions to build partnerships for redevelopment and to provide public amenities for citizens in the area (possibly parks).

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