Office of the City Manager

6th Floor Government Center TowerCity Manager Isaiah Hugley
Phone:(706) 653-4712 | Fax:(706) 653-4970

Isaiah Hugley
City Manager

The City Manager's office is responsible for planning, directing and supervising the activities of all City employees.  It develops, implements and administers policies of the City, manages and controls functions of City departments and performs duties and functions relative to a wide range of City programs and functions.  Ensures that City ordinances, resolutions and regulations are executed and enforced.  Develops and administers the City Council Meeting.  Promotes continuous improvement in service delivery.  Informs and educates the publics understanding of government but keeps them informed about City policies, programs and activities.  Plays a major role in identifying and responding to community needs.  Promotes public/private partnerships that contribute to sustained economic development and a high quality of life.

  • Talladega College, Talladega, AL - BA History/Pre Law
  • Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi - Master of Public Policy and Public Administration
  • 1984 - Assistant Director of Transportation/METRA
  • 1988 - Director of Transportation/METRA
  • 1998 - Deputy City Manager


Admin Assistant

Assistant to the City Manager
Teasha Johnson
(706) 653-4000

Admin Assistant

Executive Assistant
Crystal Farley
(706) 653-4029

The City Manager, under and subject to the direction of the Mayor shall:

(1) With the advice and consent of the Council, appoint and remove all heads of departments in the administrative service of the Consolidated Government who are subject to his or her control and direction as provided for by this Charter or personnel rules adopted pursuant to this Charter and by ordinance;

(2) Direct and supervise the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the Consolidated Government except as otherwise provided by law, this Charter, or ordinance;

(3) Prepare and submit to the Mayor the annual operating and capital budget and capital improvement program;

(4) Submit to the Mayor and make available to the public a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the Consolidated Government as of the end of each fiscal year and at such other times as the Mayor may direct;

(5) Prepare and make such other reports concerning the operations of departments, offices and agencies of the Consolidated Government subject to the City Manager's direction and supervision as may be required by the Mayor or by the Council;

(6) Keep the Mayor and Council fully advised as to the financial condition and future needs of the Consolidated Government and make such recommendations to the Mayor and the Council concerning the affairs of the government as he or she deems desirable;

(7) Have care and custody of all buildings and of all real and personal property of the government;

(8) Direct and supervise the administration of the construction, maintenance, and operation of public streets, roads, bridges, drains and buildings and other public works;

(9) Confer with and assist the directors of all departments, such as the Department of Health and Department of Family and Children Services whose responsibilities and activities are not under direct control and jurisdiction of the Council but who are dependent upon appropriations thence;

(10) Confer with and advise all elected and appointed officials of the Consolidated Government who are not under the immediate control or jurisdiction of the Council but who receive financial support thence, such as sheriff, clerk of court, and probate judge;

(11) Examine regularly accounts, records and operations of every board, commission, authority, department, office and agency which receive appropriations from the Council;

(12) Provide general liaison between the Mayor, the Council and all departments, boards, commissions and employees of the Consolidated Government;

(13) Perform such other duties as may be required by law, this Charter, ordinance, or resolution of the Council

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