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CCG-TVMichael King City Services Center 2nd706.225.3298
311 Citizens Service CenterTeasha Johnson City Services Center Ground311 or 706.653.4000
City AttorneyClifton FayTower 6th706.653.4025
City Council  City Services Center 2ndCouncil Phone Numbers
City Manager's OfficeIsaiah HugleyTower6th706.653.4029
Civic CenterRoss D. HornerCivic Center 706.653.4482
Clerk of CouncilTiny B. WashingtonTower6th706.653.4013
Community Reinvestment Annex2nd706.653.4613
Cooperative Extension ServicesJennifer Davidson AnnexGround706.653.4200
CoronerBuddy BryanPublic SafetyBasement706.653.3260
Crime Prevention OfficeSeth Brown Tower3rd706.225.4615
Deputy City ManagerVacant Annex 2nd706.225.4206
Deputy City ManagerLisa Goodwin City Services Center 2nd 706.225.3108
District Attorney OfficeJulia Fessenden Slater Tower3rd706.653.4336
Elections and Registration OfficeNancy Boren City Services Center 2nd706.653.4392
EngineeringDonna NewmanAnnex2nd706.653.4441
FinancePamela HodgeTower5th706.653.4087
Fire & Emergency Medical ServicesJeff MeyerPublic Safety 2nd706.653.3500
Golf Course - Bull CreekJohn Milam733 Lynch Road 706.561.1614
Golf Course - Oxbow CreekJohn Milam3491 South Lumpkin Rd 706.689.9977
Homeland SecurityRobert FutrellPublic Safety2nd706.225.4213
Human Resources Reather HollowellWest Wing1st706.653.4059
Information TechnologyForrest ToelleTower5th706.653.4045
Inspections & CodeinterimAnnex2nd706.653.4126
Internal AuditorJohn RedmondTower6th706.225.3110
Jury ManagerMarsha CoramTowerGround706.653.4310
Juvenile Court Judge: Warner Kennon
Associate Judge: Andrew C. Dodgen
East Wing1st706.653.4290
Keep Columbus BeautifulGloria Weston-Smart 8001 Pine Grove Way  706.225.4008
Magistrate CourtJudge: Steven SmithTower8th706.653.4390
Mayor's OfficeTeresa TomlinsonTower6th706.653.4712
METRA TransitSaundra Hunter814 Linwood Blvd. 706.653.4409
Municipal CourtJudge: Steven SmithTower8th706.653.4390
Municipal Court ClerkVivian Creighton-BishopTower8th706.653.4378
Muscogee County Marshal's OfficeMarshal: Greg Countryman
West Wing2nd706.653.4385
Muscogee County PrisonDwight Hamrick7175 Sacerdote Lane 706.561.3220
Muscogee County Sheriff's OfficeJohn Darr Tower4th706.653.4225
Muscogee County Solicitor General's OfficeSuzanne GoddardTower9th706.653.4327
Muscogee County State CourtJudge: Andy Prather
Judge: Ben Richardson
Muscogee County Superior Court Judges Judge: Frank J. Jordan
Judge: Bobby G. Peters
Judge: Gil McBride
Judge: William C. Rumer
Judge: Arthur L. Smith III
Judge: Maureen Gottfried
Judge: Ron Mullins
Parks and Recreation James D. Worsley City Services Center Ground 706.225.4658
Planning DepartmentRick JonesAnnex2nd706.653.4421
Police DepartmentRicky BorenPublic Safety4th706.653.3100
Probate CourtJudge: Marc D'AntonioTower6th706.653.4331
Public Works Pat Biegler602 11th Ave Bldg E 706.653.4160
Recorder's CourtJudge: Michael Cielinski
Judge: Mary A. Buckner
Judge: Michael E. Joyner
Judge: Julius Hunter
Court Coordinator:
Chief Clerk: Terri Ezell
702 10th Street 706.653.4256
Tax Assessors, Board ofBetty Middleton City Services Center2nd706.653.4398
Tax Commissioner, Office ofTax Commissioner: Lula Huff
Deputy Commissioner: Tony Floyd
City Services CenterGround706.653.4211
Trade & Convention CenterDavid BevansTrade Center 706.327.4522
Workforce Investment Acts (WIA)Howard Pendleton Annex 706.653.4529
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