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by Bob Hackett

  As a master craftsman and master golfsmith, refinishing your favorite set of irons back to their original state of playability and looks is just part of what I'm able to do for you. Adjusting your set to personally fit you with loft, lie, flex, grip, and length is what I specialize in.  Having been to the best schools available in the U.S., I've done my homework.  I've been to Golfsmith in Austin, Texas, Golfworks in Newark, Ohio, and advanced schools for fitting from several proline companies, such as Ram, Tommy Armour, Titleist, Ping, and Callaway, to assure the best fit possible.

     Repairing ANY golf club that has been broken on the market today is no problem for me.  I can either match your existing shaft or modify it to the better shafts available on the market today - irons, woods or putters.
As a master craftsman, refinishing wood woods to their original state is a passion of mine, as well as a service I offer as part of my business.

There is no real profit involved, just a service I offer.

   Refinishing metal woods to your desire is what is available nowadays.  If you want your Callaway Big Bertha or Ping wood to have a different look or color, I'm your man.  I'll take sky marks, scratches, or just worn metal woods and make them look like new again.
Custom-built sets of irons and woods to fit you perfectly is a great way to save cost getting into golf.  I'm located at Bull Creek Course, 7333 Lynch Road, Midland, Georgia, 31820.  Hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, in Columbus, Gorgia.  Shipping available.


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