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The Lower Chattahoochee Workforce Investment Board was created under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 by Executive Order approved in January 2000. The Workforce Investment Board is comprised of individuals representing business, economic development, housing and urban development, community service, senior community service, vocational rehabilitation, organized labor, youth and community-based organization, city elected officials, and public service organizations.

Members of the Board serve in an advisory capacity to the Chief Elected Officials of the local workforce area.  The Mayor, City of Columbus, has been designated to represent the Chief Elected Officials for this local workforce area inclusive of their munincipalities.  Members of the Board, in partnership with the Chief Elected Official, assist in development of local plan and annual reports, conduct program oversight of youth and adult local employment and training activities, the one-stop comprehensive workforce service delivery system, and provide administrative oversight of the Welfare to Work for the duration of said grants. 

It is the mission of the Lower Chattahoochee Workforce Investment Board to partner together with area business, labor, education, and public sector to develop strategies and support efforts to ensure that customers of the Workforce Investment System are afforded the utmost in personable, professional and quality service. Staff of the Job Training Division assists the Board and Chief Elected Officials in carrying out this mission.

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Columbus Consolidated Government Annex
Main Conference Room
420 Tenth Street
Columbus, GA

All meetings are at 11:30 AM

A summary of minutes is availiable within two business days after each scheduled board meeting and made available upon request.


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