The motor vehicle registration renewal period starts 30-days prior to the vehicle owner's birthday and ends at midnight of the owner's birthday NOT the end of the birthday owner's birth month.


City Services Center
3111 Citizens Way
Columbus, GA  31907
(706) 653-4208



Jointly-owned vehicles renew in county of owner's principal residence by midnight of the owner's birthday who appears first on the registration.

Leased vehicles renew by the lessee's birthday or by the lessee's business name.


 Cash, money orders, cashier checks, and
personal checks (local banks only)
Credit and debit card not accepted.
●  Twenty-Five ($25) returned check fee.
Monday, Friday and lunch are especially busy, for convenient service renew by mail.

Company/Business/Organization renew according to the first letter of their name, as it appears on the registration, in the county where the vehicle is used.  Registration is during the month corresponding to the alphabet below:   Registration
GA Driver's License is required to purchase
    tag or renewal decal.
 Residents must register newly acquired
   vehicles within 30-days of purchase.

●  New residents must register their vehicle
    within 30-days upon entering state (GA driver's
    license required).
A-B    January                M-N    July  

●  Owners of Leased vehicles must have Power of
    Attorney from the leasing company.

C-D    February             O-P    August

E-F    March                  Q-R    September

  Insurance (Ins)
Acceptable proof of GA Liability Ins
●  Effective Jan. 1, 2004, Ins cards will no longer
    be acceptable proof of Ins coverage.
G-H    April                    S-T    October
I-J      May                     U-W   November ●  Renewal - valid Ins indicator on vehicle's tag
    record on the GRATIS database.
K-L    June                    X-Z     December ●  New Purchase - dealer's bill of sale and a valid
    Ins declaration page.
     "Self-insured Ins information card" and "a
    certificate of self-Ins".

1)  IRP registration year-round by first letter of last    name of Individual or first letter of Company name if in Company's name.

  ●  Fleet Ins information card issued by a Georgia
    licensed insurer in the registered owner's name.
●  International Registration Plan (IRP) (keep Ins
    card in vehicle at all times).

2)  Trucks over 26K lbs. and Permanent Trailers Dec. 1 - Feb. 15.


Incorrect VIN
The Vehicle Identification Number on insurance card and tag receipt and title must match.

If gross weight is 55,000 lbs. or more, mail a copy of date stamped IRS Form 2290 for current reporting period with renewal and payment.



Mail to:  Muscogee County Tag Office
              100 10th Street
              Columbus, GA  31901-1441
Common Reasons for non-receipt:
  Owner moved. Call the Tag Office with tag number or VIN to correct address and request new bill.  


  Mail-In Renewal Checklist:
Verify information.
●  GA Driver's License # of primary registrant.
●  Phone number.
 Newly acquired vehicle.
●  Wrong birthday on renewal notice. To
   To correct, bring in your GA Driver's
  ●  Postmark by midnight of birthday.
●  Do not send cash.
Make checks payable to:

NON-RECEIPT of a renewal notice does not relieve the obligation to register or renew by the deadline.  Courtesy renewals are mailed to reach the owner approximately 30-45 days before deadline.

Penalties Late renewals:
10% of ad valorem tax penalty due ($5 min) plus 25% of tag penalty ($5 min).

  Muscogee County Tax Commissioner

NOTE:  This office is not responsible for tags/decals lost in the mail.




  Agnes Scott College
Albany State University
Berry College


Name change requires certified legal documentation. GA law required a name change on the title; if the vehicle has a lien, only the lien holder can apply for a name change.

Brenau University
Columbus State University
Emory University
Fort Valley State University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia State University

Vehicle valuations are determined by the State.

Ad Valorem Tax = state assessed value multiplied by the local millage rate.

Inoperative vehicle's "taxes" must be paid by renewal deadline.  Contact Special Enforcement (653-4512).

Vehicles model years 1986 - 2004 and Mobile homes and Cranes 1963 - 2004 are required to be titled.
LaGrange College
Medical College of Georgia
Mercer University
Morehouse College
North Georgia College and State University
Savannah State College
Spelman College

New Vehicle Licenses to be Limited Edition



State University of West Georgia
University of Georgia


●  The State Department of Motor Vehicle Safety  has decided to limit the distribution of the new  "" license plates to save money.

●  New residents, commercial vehicle owners and certain specialty license holders will get the new tag.  All others will be issued a decal and keep their current "Georgia On My Mind" plate. They include habitual violators and owners of standard passenger vehicles government vehicles and trailers.

Active Reserve Air Force/Retired Air Force
Active Reserve Army/Retired Reserve Army Active
Reserve Coast Guard/Retired Reserve Coast Guard

●  The move will save the state, which has ordered all departments to cut spending this year and next by a combined 7.5 percent, $7.8 million in the next three years according to a DMVS news release.


Active Reserve Marine/Retired Reserve Marine
Active Reserve Navy/Retired Reserve Navy
Chosin Reservoir Campaign of 1950
Desert Storm
Disabled Veteran
Disabled Veteran Motorcycle
Former Prisoner of War/Widow of Former Prisoner
of War
Korean War
Medal of Honor
National Guard
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Purple Heart
Retired Military
World War I & II

●  The "" tags will be issued  anyone with wildlife, commemorative, college,  military, veterans or other specialty plates.


●  The DMVS has received some criticism since announcing it was replacing the sentimental "Georgia...on My Mind" message with the Internet address for state government. Both plates preserve Georgia's best-known symbol, the peach.

Initial disabled person plate requires (notarized) completed Form MV-9D by licensed practitioner.


Tags lost/stolen DO require police report. Registering a non-title vehicle requires the vehicle owner to be present with:

●  Registration receipt

●  Valid driver's license
●  Proof of insurance
●  $8.00 registration fee


Disabled Person
Hobby Antique


  Special Interest
Bobwhite Quail
Breast Cancer Awareness


  Certified Firefighter/Certified Firefighter Retired
Dog & Cat Sterilization
Sons of Confederate Veterans


  Trout Unlimited
United States Disabled Athlete



Alternative Fuel


  Amateur Radio
Authentic Historical
Disabled Person
Hobby Antique

Contact:  Motor Vehicle Division
               P.O. Box 740384
               Atlanta, GA  30374-0384
               (404) 362-6500
Documentation Required:
Form MV-1 Title Application
●  Form T-22R Request for Inspection, and    

●  Form T-129 Labor & Parts Certification



Exemptions do NOT include leased vehicles and only ONE jointly owned vehicle (with spouse) is exempt.

  ●  Current military identification card,
●  Leave and Earning Statement dated within
   three months of registration or renewal,

To request exemption from Ad Valorem taxes under the Soldiers & Sailors Relief Act, you must:


●  Present Serviceman's Special Affidavit
   (Green Sheet) obtained from the JAG office,

(1)  be active duty
(2) be assigned in the state of GA, and
  ●  Power of Attorney if primary owner is not
    available, and
 present:   ●  Proof of GA insurance



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