Your Rights as a Victim

You have the Right to be Notified of:
  • Arrest of the accused.
  • Availability of victim service programs.
  • Availability of compensation for victims of violent crimes.
  • Any court hearings where release of accused will be considered.
  • Release of the accused.
  • Court proceedings during prosecution of the case Motion for new trial or appeal dates.
  • Parole or change in status of defendant if you request this in writing.
You have the Right to:
  • Express your opinion on the release of the accused pending court proceedings.
  • Express your views on the outcome of the case prior to plea negotiations or sentencing of the accused.
  • Complete a Victim Impact Statement.
Your Responsibilities:
  • In order for you to be notified of various proceedings, you must provide the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office of your address and both a home and work phone numbers (not pager or cellular telephones).
  • If your phone number changes from the number you first gave Law Enforcement Officers, you must notify the Victim Assistance Program, Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit District Attorney's Office and/or the State Court Solicitor's Office. If there is an arrest, you can be informed of criminal proceedings.

Crime Victim Compensation Program

The state of Georgia has a program to assist you with crime related expenses if you are a victim of a violent crime. It can help compensate victims for medical costs, counseling, lost wages, funeral expenses and various other costs. However, we are payers of last resort.

Who Is Eligible for Victim Compensation?

Victims who have been physically injured in a violent crime. Including but not limited to victims of:
  • Assault / Battery
  • Homicide
  • Sexual Assault
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic / Family Violence Victim
  • DUI Crash Victim
  • Person Incurring Eligible Expenses Due to Crime

What Compensation is Available?

You are eligible for the following categories of compensation only if they are not covered by another source:
  • Medical Expenses
  • Counseling Expenses
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Economic Loss

To apply you must file an application for assistance with the Crime Victims Compensation Program. An application will be sent to you when you call the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council at 404-559-4949 or the Governor's Victim Assistance Help line at 1-800-338-6745.


Description of Service

Phone Number(s)

Sheriff Office Badge The Muscogee County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to safeguarding the lives and property of our community through fair and impartial treatment of all citizens. (706) 653-4225
Link to the Columbus Police Department Website The Columbus Police Department is committed to providing the citizens of Columbus with excellence in law enforcement that will improve the quality of life for all residents of the Chattahoochee Valley. (706) 653-3000
Link to the Columbus Police Department Crime Stoppers web page Crime Stoppers is operated by the Columbus Police Department for the benefit of all the law enforcement agencies in the Chattahoochee Valley. Crime Stoppers receives information from the public on all types of crimes and wanted individuals. Each tip is evaluated on its value to the public safety of the community and rewards are paid out anonymously. (706) 653-3188
Link to the Pastoral Institute The Pastoral Institute is a nonprofit, faith-based, non-denominational counseling, consultation and educational center that serve individuals, families and communities. (706) 649-6500
District Attorney's Office
Victim/Witness Assistance Program
The District Attorney's Office of the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit has a Victim/Witness Assistance Program, which helps maintain contact with and provide support to crime victims. This office also assists victims of violent crimes in obtaining state funds for medical, funeral, and counseling expenses. (706) 653-4426
Solicitor General's Office
Victim/Witness Assistance Program
The Office of the Solicitor-General offers a Victim/Witness Program, which focuses on assisting victims throughout the judicial process. This program is responsible for notifying victims about court proceedings, compensation, community based victim service programs, and general assistance throughout the judicial process. (706) 653-4580
Contact Helpline Logo CONTACT Helpline is a confidential phone service. It is a single source for providing listening, crisis intervention, information about community services, and referrals to human services. 211
(706) 327-3999
Sexual Assault Support Center Logo The Sexual Assault Support Center, Inc. provides services to victims and families that have been affected by sexual assault. They provide a 24 hour crisis Hotline, court support, survivor support group, medical accompaniment, and referral. (706) 571-6010
Link to The Family Center Website The Family Center's Personal and Family Counseling is offered to anyone experiencing problems in the areas of relationship, parenting, life stage adjustments, trauma, stress, and other personal issues. No one is turned away because of an inability to pay! (706) 327-3238
Link to The Family Center Website The Family Center's Consumer Credit Counseling Service is a non-profit, accredited, and nationally affiliated financial counseling service that assists individuals with budgeting, money management, credit education, and debt reduction. (706) 327-3239
Link to The Family Center Website The Big Brothers Big Sisters program strives diligently to provide youth, ages 6 - 17, with healthy , caring friendships with adult role models. By "matching" littles with bigs who share the same interests, lasting relationships are formed: an invaluable gift to both the big and the little! (706) 327-3760
The Columbus Alliance for Battered Women The Columbus Alliance for Battered Women is a nonprofit organization that provides emergency shelter for women and their children who find themselves homeless as a direct result of physical abuse and domestic violence. (706) 324-3850
1-800-33HAVEN (42836)
Georgia Department of Human Resources Logo The Muscogee County Department of Family and Children Services is a part of Georgia Department of Human Resources that investigates child abuse; finds foster homes for abused and neglected children; helps low income, out-of-work parents get back on their feet; assists with childcare costs for low income parents who are working or in job training; and provides numerous support services and innovative programs to help troubled families. (706) 649-7311
Link to Georgia Legal Services Program Georgia Legal Services Program provides free legal services to low-income people in civil matters. Georgia Legal Services handles civil (non-criminal) cases such as: housing, health care, public benefits, family, work, and school-related issues. (706) 649-7493
Link to Georgia's Court Appointed Special Advocate Program Georgia's Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) programs provide an innovative, cost-effective approach to a very urgent crisis. Community-based programs recruit, screen, train and supervise volunteers to provide individualized advocacy for innocent victims and an independent source of information for the judge who must decide their future. (706) 323-3687
EXT. 209
Link to Georgia State Board of Pardons and Parole The Georgia State Board of Pardons and Parole's Victim Information Program is a 24 hour automated information system used to provide victims of crime and/or their families with access to information about their offender. V.I.P. also operates as a notification system that will automatically notify a victim of the release of their offender from custody. 1-800-593-9474