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   We provide to our customers, the highest quality and most efficient collection service possible. This service consists of once a week household garbage collection, once a week recycling, yard waste, and bulky item collection. We are responsive to your needs and intend to go the extra step for satisfactory service.

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Household Garbage will be picked up One Day A Week
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Residential Collection Fee Notice: An offset of 25 percent per month, rounded to the nearest dime is available for a low-income household collection service at the curb or on the city right-of-way. The guidelines for this adjustment will be changed annually according to the Federal Register. To determine if you qualify for this discount, please contact the Waste Collection Division at 706-225-4696.

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For information call Citizens Service Center 706.653.4000

Collection Facts

Vehicle Tires - five per household at a time. Tires that are on rims must be removed from the rim. NO TIRES will be collected from any commercial establishment. The only tires acceptable are passenger car or light truck tires. These tires are recycled.

Paints and anti-freeze - these items must be solidified before collection. You can mix them with sand or kitty litter.

Lancers, needles, and syringes - should be containerized in a hard plastic or metal container with a secure lid. You must call for collection.

For information call Citizens Service Center 706.653.4000

What we cannot pickup

  • Any construction or demolition materials resulting from construction, remodeling or razing of buildings, structures or pavement. This includes bricks, stone, cement chunks, cement blocks, sand or gravel.
  • Any type of cylinders, such as propane, oxygen, chlorine, etc.
  • Any vehicle, marine, motorcycle, or lawn tractor batteries.
  • Any drum that contained fuel, oil, solvent, automotive fluids or pool chemicals.

For information call Citizens Service Center 706.653.4000

Georgia State Law 40-6-16.1

The operator of a motor vehicle approaching a vehicle with active sanitation workers that is displaying flashing yellow, amber, white, or red lights shall approach the vehicle with due caution and shall, absent any other direction by a peace officer, proceed as follows:
(1) Make a lane change into a lane not adjacent to the vehicle if possible in the existing safety and traffic conditions; or
(2) If a lane change under paragraph (1) of this subsection would be impossible, prohibited by law, or unsafe, reduce the speed of the motor vehicle to a reasonable and proper speed for the existing road and traffic conditions, which speed shall be at least ten miles per hour less than the posted speed limit or 25 miles per hour, whichever is more, and be prepared to stop.

Violation of subsection (b) of this Code section shall be punished by a fine of not more than $250.00."

Collection Fees

  • Residential Fee - $15 per month.
    An offset of 25% per month, rounded to the nearest dime is available for low-income household collection service at the curb or on the city right-of-way. The guidelines for this adjustment will be changed annually according to the Federal Register.
  • Commercial Fees
    • One 32-gallon container at curbside is $125 annually
    • One 32-gallon container Off the Right-of-Way is $178 annually

For information call Citizens Service Center 706.653.4000

Refuse Collection

We constantly strive to improve our service, and as a result, our normal pick up time may change. We may come by your home earlier than you expect us. If we miss your waste collection because it has not been put out when we come through your area, please note the new time and place your waste at the curb earlier. In an effort to improve efficiency, we will not be able to return to collect waste that was placed on the street after we passed through the area. Your help in getting all waste collected in an efficient manner is greatly appreciated.

  • Household Garbage -
       Household garbage is collected once a week. Garbage containers should be placed at curbside before delivery time on collection day. If for some reason we miss your can, and it is our fault, please call the Citizens Service Center at 706.653.4000.
  • Yard Waste -
    Leaves, grass clippings, pine needles and similar yard waste items are collected once a week. Yard waste must be containerized in a container or bags and should be placed at curbside on or before the collection day. All yard waste must be free of any type of household garbage.
  • Bulky Waste -
    Bulky Items consist of large household appliances, water heaters and bulky furniture that cannot be collected by the regular garbage truck. Bulky items are collected once per week on the same day as yard waste.
  • Pruning -
    Tree and shrub trimmings from pruning will be collected once a week, the same day as yard waste.

For information call Citizens Service Center 706.653.4000

Notice - Trees Cut on Private Property

Special instructions for the collection and disposal of trees cut on private property.

Tree Collection is NOT a part of our normal Solid Waste Collection Services!

If you would like for the City to collect and dispose of the Tree(s) set out, please call Citizens Service Center 706.653.4000 and request a "Tree For Fee" Pick Up. The tree(s) and associated debris will be picked up for a $50 collection fee per load, plus a current tipping fee per ton. Consult the website for Granite Bluff Landfill for current tipping fee costs. You will be billed separately for this service, and please allow one week for services, from the time the request is made.

If you elect NOT to have the City collect the tree and associated debris, please have the trees removed within ten days of receipt of notice.

Please Note: If you now pay a reduced garbage fee, this charge will be reduced by the same percentage.

For information call Citizens Service Center 706.653.4000

Yard Contractors' and Others' Waste

There has been quite a bit of confusion over the years about whether landscaping firms and other contractors must remove their waste from the residential customer's premises or whether the waste can be placed at the curb on the regular trash pickup day. City Ordinance 13-167.2(8) states "All nurseries, landscape gardening firms, clearing, grading and building contractors, and logging and pulpwood related operations shall remove all solid waste which they accumulate through their work." If you have a contract firm working on your yard, please make sure that they remove their waste in accordance with the law. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in this matter.

Recycling Program

Recycling in Columbus is easy and convenient
Our state of the art curbside program has been designed for customer convenience and simplicity. Just place your recyclables in your blue bin and put it out at the curbside on your collection day.

Here is how it works -
First call the Citizens Service Center at 706.653.4000 to order a blue bin which will be delivered to your home with instructions at no cost to the customer. Collection is once a week on one of your garbage days. Please refer to the Collection Days page for your recycling day.

Recycling History in Columbus -
In late 1992, the City of Columbus introduced the Recycling Pilot Program. It consisted of four areas with 1,000 homes in each area. The initial purpose of this program was to gather information and determine the best collection method, what material to recycle, what the collection days would be for the different areas and what type container to use for collection.

One year later, thirteen new subdivisions were added to the Pilot Program, as well as a voluntary recycling program outside of the Pilot Program area. With such success, in 1994, the City of Columbus implemented its voluntary city wide recycling program.

Click here for more program information.

Tom Mills Recycling videos

Recyclable Items Collected

  • Paper - All Paper and cardboard.
  • Starting July 6, 2015 We can no longer accept Glass !
  • Metal Cans -
    • Aluminum cans - please rinse
    • Steel/tin cans - please rinse, and do not remove labels.
    • Aluminum foil
  • Plastics -
    • Pet #1 - Bottles and jars, please rinse, no need to remove labels, discard lids.
    • Hdpe #2 - Bottles and jugs, please rinse, no need to remove the labels, or discard lids.
    • * Notice: The number 1 or 2 will be on the bottom or towards the bottom of the container inside the recycling triangle.
    • Plastics #3-#7 - These items have a limited marked, but we collect and recycle them as the market allows.
  • Automotive Fluids -
    Place the automotive fluids beside your bin for collection. The one gallon jugs containing oil or transmission fluid will be left for you to reuse. The one gallon anti-freeze jug will be collected with the anti-freeze.
    • Motor Oil - Place in an old one gallon milk jug, must be pure with no contaminants.
    • Transmission Fluid - Place in an old one gallon milk jug, must be pure with no contaminants.
    • Anti-Freeze - Put used anti-freeze in the one gallon anti-freeze jug.
  • Cartridges -
    • Computer Ink Cartridges - place in a plastic bag so it cannot get wet (market will not accept if it has been wet).
    • Copier toner cartridges - place in a plastic bag so it cannot get wet (market will not accept if it has been wet)

Please Do Not Place These Items in your Bin

  • Garbage
  • Yard Waste
  • Plastic bags
  • Drinking glasses or window glass
  • Bottle caps or lids

Please Recycle - Together, we can make a difference. To get your blue bin, call Citizen Services at 706.653.4000


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