Waste Disposal Division

   Our mission is to provide a waste disposal facility for the citizens of Columbus, Georgia which serves to protect the environment and human health, while disposing of municipal solid waste, construction waste, inert waste and recycling of metal and tires.

Kyle McGee -
Waste Disposal Division Manager   

Both landfill sites employ inmate labor. It is a violation of Georgia code 77-327 to deal, give or trade items with inmates. THIS IS CONSIDERED A FELONY!

Waste is accepted ONLY from Columbus, Georgia.

Pine Grove Municipal Solid Waste Landfill - 706.225.4515

7900 Pine Grove Way, Columbus, Georgia 31907 - directions
Email: Kyle McGee, Division Manager kmcgee@columbusga.org
Assistant Manager, Matthew Dolan mdolan@columbusga.org
Fax: 706.317.4428

Waste is accepted ONLY from Columbus, Georgia.

Hours of Operation:
  • Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm
  • First Saturday of each month 8:00am - 12:00pm
  • Closed Sunday

Please Note - Pine Grove Landfill does not ever accept inert waste,
such as Limbs, Leaves, Stumps, or Grass Clippings

Disposal Costs - Payment accepted in cash, check, M/C or VISA debit card. Businesses with an approved license may be billed through the CCG Revenue Division.
  • PUTRESCIBLE waste (household garbage) is billed at $42.50 PER TON (.02125 PER POUND effective July 1, 2015). (garbage, food, street refuse, insulation, paper, cloth, furniture, glass, plastic, misc. items.)
  • CONSTRUCTION waste is billed at $42.50 PER TON (.02125 PER POUND). (roofing, plywood, treated wood, plaster, steel, concrete, plastic, rubber, misc. items.)
  • Items requiring SPECIAL HANDLING which are buried upon receipt are billed at $60.00 PER TON (.0300 PER POUND). (Asbestos: businesses are required to provide a State EPD* issued manifest number. Animals, industrial sludge and ashes, tobacco, medical, wire, carpet, misc. items)
  • METAL is billed at $30.50 PER TON (.01525 PER POUND). Only Residents may dispose of their personal appliances FREE OF CHARGE.
  • TIRES are billed at $2.00 PER TIRE. Tire disposal is for residents of Columbus, Georgia (ONLY) with a limit of 5 tires. NO TIRES will be collected that have rims.
  • Certain sizes and quantities of CONCRETE, DIRT, and ROCK are accepted, usually at the CONSTRUCTION rate of $42.50 PER TON (.02125 PER POUND). We DO NOT accept Rail Road Ties. The only known source for disposal is Taylor County Landfill located in Butler/Mauk, GA (478) 862-3693.
  • PROHIBITED ITEMS: LIQUIDS (OF ANY KIND), PAINT, AND BATTERIES. However, a citizen may deposit empty paint cans or paint that has been completely dried (proper procedure: fill with dirt, sand, absorbent material and expose to air until solidified.) Bring to the attention of the scale-house attendant any questionable items such as: fire extinguishers, propane tanks, gas cans, etc. for proper disposal instructions.

- We are NOT equipped to handle Bio-Med waste. Upon notification, the scale-house attendant will accept PROPERLY PACKAGED sharps from residents ONLY.

- The Waste Collection Division also picks up MOST of the items accepted at Pine Grove MSW Landfill at curbside. Items such as household garbage, rimless tires (5 per household), furniture and appliances, properly prepared paint cans, grass clippings, leaves and small shrubbery clippings and carpet. Properly contained and labeled personal sharps will be accepted if the Officer (driver) is notified. The CITY CANNOT REMOVE ITEMS of a CONSTRUCTION NATURE: wood, shingles, car parts, trees, concrete, dirt, etc. All VEHICLE OIL (personal use only) must be placed at curbside in a sealed plastic jug.

Accepts curbside CANNOT Accept
household garbage construction items
rimless tires (5 per household) Tires with RIMS
furniture shingles
appliances car parts
properly prepared paint cans trees
grass clippings, leaves, and small shrubbery clippings concrete
carpet dirt
vehicle oil in a sealed plastic jug wood

Granite Bluff Inert Landfill - 706.660.0941

7589 River Road - directions
Columbus, Georgia 31904
Manager: Janet Anthony janthony@columbusga.org
Fax: 706.225.4562

Waste is accepted ONLY from Columbus, Georgia.

Hours of Operation
  • Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm
  • Saturday: 1st Saturday of each month 8:00am - 12:00pm
  • Closed Sunday

* These are the only items accepted *

The Inert Landfill accepts grass clippings, limbs, leaves, trees, stumps, land clearing, dirt, rocks, bricks, concrete, and cured asphalt.

COSTS: - Waste is accepted ONLY from Columbus, Georgia and is billed at $34.00 PER TON (.0170 PER POUND). The site operates a mulching machine suitable for grinding most of the waste as part of the City's Recycling Program and provides residents with mulch free of charge.

Oxbow Meadows Inert Landfill

3491 South Lumpkin Road, Columbus, Georgia 31903 - directions

The Oxbow Meadows Inert landfill was closed on April 30, 2013.

Columbus Water Works

Columbus Water Works is recycling used grease and cooking oils ONLY from Columbus, Georgia at two locations in Columbus:

1335 Alexander St. just past the CWW plant entrance - directions

3001 South Lumpkin Rd. into the plant driveway - directions

Both landfill sites employ inmate labor. It is a violation of Georgia code 77-327 to deal, give or trade items with inmates. THIS IS CONSIDERED A FELONY!

(404) 656-7802

                              Columbus, Georgia


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