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The Office of Professional Standards is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the high standards and integrity of the Department. This function is frequently called "Internal Affairs" in other departments. They conduct internal investigations, staff inspections, maintain the accreditation standards and do research to achieve these goals. The Department is staffed by a major, three sergeants and a senior secretary. Major Lem Miller
Major Lem Miller

The unit conducts special studies and/or investigations as directed by the Chief of Police. Frequently, these involve a situation or are of a nature that particular prudence or discretion is deemed necessary by the Chief. 

All complaints of service or misconduct are maintained and tracked within the unit. How Do I Commend or Make A Complaint Against an Officer?


The Department received national accreditation status in 1993 and was re-accredited in 1998. The Columbus Police Department was the 278th police agency to receive this honor. There are less than 550 agencies that have been awarded accreditation. There are 439 standards, which contain over 900 requirements that the Department must comply with to maintain its status. These standards relate to subjects such as mandatory equipment for patrol vehicles, training and auditing of evidence stored by the Department. Whenever an agency is due for re-accreditation, the public is notified through the media and is asked to provide input, both good and bad.

For more information on the accreditation process, contact the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies at or the Georgia Police Accreditation Coalition at

In July of 1999, the Department was also awarded State Certification from the Georgia Association of Chief of Police (GACP). The State Certification process is similar to national accreditation. It is administered by the GACP and involves 104 mandatory standards.