Systems & Programming consists of 2 Programmer Analysts, 4 Systems Analysts, a Systems Analyst Supervisor and a Systems & Programming Manager.


Various Books of Study

   Application development is accomplished using ICCF, COBOL and Cross System Products (CSP)   The database management systems include Virtual Storage Access Methods (VSAM) and DB2 for VSE.  Application Development is changing from mainframe to client-server environment.  Products used for application development includes: Lotus Notes Domino,  SQL, COBOL for VSE, C++, DB/2 and DDCS/2.

   Our programmers work on desktops or Virtual Desktops, running Windows operating system and connecting to our mainframe using IBM Personal Communications through our network.  We use IBM blade servers, or stand-alone servers for Application and Communication Servers. Almost all are connected to NAS or SAN storage.

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