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Renee Sturkie Angelica Alexander Lionel Haynes
District Attorney's Office & Victim Witness Muscogee County Prison Golf Courses (Bull Creek & Oxbow Creek) Community Reinvestment
Juvenile Court & Court Intake Services> Police Services Information Technology Planning
State Court Judges & State Court Solicitor E-911 Call Center Cooperative Extension Codes & Inspections / Print Shop
Superior Court Tax Commissioner Mayor Public Services
Probate Court Coroner City Manager Human Resources
Adult Probation Elections Clerk of Council METRA
Jury Manager Tax Assessor City Attorney Parking Management
Municipal Court & Marshal Revenues / Forecasting Fire / EMS Public Defender
Finance Advantage Training Civic Center Engineering
WIA Reporting Trade Center Sheriff
Grants Finance Web Pages Parks & Recreation CIP / SPLOST
Debt Travel Travel Travel
    Agenda Reports