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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I…

Q1: request a soil test?
A1: Click here for soil test information.

Q2: request a water test?
A2: Click here for water test information.

Q3: obtain DHR approved Child Care Training?
A3: Click here for Child Care Training information.

Q4: obtain a restaurant inspection?
A4: Click here for Restaurant Inspection information.

Q5: obtain health and nutrition information?
A5: Click here for Health and Nutrition information.

Q6: obtain recipes?
A6: Click here for recipes.

Q7: acquire canning & preserving recipes and information?
A7: Click here for canning and preserving recipes.

Q8: obtain healthy eating for diabetics and/or diabetic menu information?
A8: Call the EFNEP agent, at 653-4200.

Q9: get a stain out?
A9: Call the FCS agent, at 653-4200.

Q10: acquire freezer and storage information?
A10: Call the FCS agent, at 653-4200.

Q11: get free clothes?
A11: Refer to "Social Service Organizations" in the yellow pages.

Q12: get free food?
A12: Refer to "Social Service Organizations" in the yellow pages.

Q13: contact the Harris County Extension Service?
A13: Call (706) 628-4824 or visit

Q14: contact the Chattahoochee County Extension Service?
A14: The Chattahoochee County office is no longer open. Please refer all questions to the office in Columbus, Ga.

Q15: have a problem fixed with a tree on City property?
A15: Call the City Arborist at 653-4160.

Q16: have some bees removed?
A16: Call Jim Harris, City Beekeeper, at 563-4186.

Q17: remove a tree from a power line/right of way?
A17: Call Public Services, Right of Way: 653-4160.

Q18: report a dead bird for West Nile testing?
A18: Call Public Services, Right of Way: 653-4160.

Q19: acquire soil conservation information?
A19: Call (229) 649-3131, Buena Vista. They can contact a local representative for you.

Q20: get another City of Columbus government phone number?
A20: Call Citizen Services at 653-4000.

Q21: get the location of a farmer's market?
A21: Columbus State Farmers Market, (706) 649-7448.

Q22: get an insect or animal identified?
A22: Call our horticulturalist at 653-4200.

Q23: contact Natural Resources/Fish & Game?
A23: Call (706) 322-1112.

Q23: contact Natural Resources/Fish & Game?
A23: Call (706) 322-1112.

Q24: contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture?
A24: Call 1-800-282-5852 or (404) 656-4958.

Q25: contact the Talbot County Extension Service?
A25: Call (706) 665-3230.

Q26: contact the Phenix City Extension Service?
A26: Call (334) 298-6845.

Q27: locate and/or contact another Extension Office in Georgia?
A27: By visiting UGA's Cooperative Extension Local Offices page.

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